The New Life For Young Ukrainian Girlfriends

There is certainly a big marked difference between young Ukrainian brides and those all over the globe. There’s romance, adoration, care, trust, and above all… peace of mind. With them, you’re certain to experience the modern world in a whole different way, filled with unconditional love and caring. What more could a bride want?

The majority of young Ukrainian women leave their homeland for good reasons. Of all the potential spouses in the Ukraine region, young ladies have a much higher rate of success in finding a match with an eligible man. They’re intelligent, resourceful, and ambitious. Young ladies from Ukraine are highly in demand, both by men and women. They are popularly known as ‘maids’ in certain communities, and there’s even a term for them: ‘voyage’, which basically means a maid’s task of finding a suitable husband and bringing him home.

All over the former Soviet Union, there are many successful marriage relationships forged between western men and Ukrainian brides. It’s no wonder that the ‘honeymoon’ is said to last for up to nine months. Young American women are often attracted to these beautiful young Ukrainian brides because of their open mindedness, loyalty and willingness to be an active part of a multicultural family. This is particularly important in America, where mixing multiple cultures is viewed with some suspicion by most western tourists. And it’s perfectly normal for a young western woman to find herself drawn to the confident, outgoing personality of a young Ukrainian bride.

Young Ukrainian Brides: Who Are They?

The Ukraine authorities are determined to ensure that Ukrainian women get the rights they deserve. For this purpose, they have set up a number of centers across the country where Ukrainian women can register, for example the naively named ‘Zaepka’, where all potential brides are required to turn up and take a test. If the test is favourable, and the young woman passes the nine-month examination, she will be given permission to join the pool of young Ukrainian brides registered at the special ‘Ukrainian Female Humanitarian Colony ‘or ‘Kryvkiv’.

However, even though the laws on Ukraine women are already pretty strict, there is still a significant problem within the female community. Many Ukrainian women wed western men and end up staying in America, or Canada. Although it is not a legal requirement, the customs authorities sometimes refuse to grant their application. Even if the woman has a visa and intends to live in America, it is not guaranteed that her family will be granted a visa.

This is the reason why it is much more desirable for the young Ukrainian women to marry a foreign man who has roots in Ukraine. It would make life easier for them both physically and legally. In addition to that, the man’s family would likely follow suit, and they would be free to stay in the new home. This way the children of the bride and groom (the bride’s sisters or nephews) would be ensured a stable life in their native land too.

The first task for the future bride is to find her partner, preferably from a foreign country. The best option is to choose men with strong cultural roots in Ukraine. Ideally, these men should have Russian mothers and fathers, or at least be strong linguistic enthusiasts. Ideally, the man should have worked in Russia, or have at least some money in the former Soviet Union. There are many rich foreign men in Kiev and Odessa looking for good-quality Western women for dating purposes.


The next step is finding somewhere to live in Kiev or Odessa. The easiest way is to look for a non-profit housing scheme for foreigners, like the Rent-a-visor. Most housing schemes are supervised by the State Housing Department, so these foreign men and women will find their apartments secure and comfortable. The young Ukrainian brides can then begin their new lives as free women in their new home, happily dating foreign men.