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When you look online at dating websites, what do you see? About a billion pictures of beautiful people doing cute things! About 50% of all registered members are women. About a trillion searches a month are done using the Internet to locate the perfect date! What could be simpler than that?

Of course, there is nothing simple about getting started with online dating. You will need to register first and then go through the profiles of other singles to try to decide whether you think they’re worth meeting. Then you’ll need to take a look at the About Dating Service section to learn a bit more about the dating sites and to decide which one suits you best. Some dating sites are strictly adult oriented whereas others are strictly for young adults or other specific groups. It pays to be careful about which site you choose as you don’t want to end up on a site that isn’t suited to you and your lifestyle.

But you should take heart as many free online dating sites are actually just very good looking sites disguised as great dating sites! And many free online dating sites allow you to use the email system so you can get to know others better before you decide whether to start meeting them offline. The only real downside to a free online dating site is that it’s hard to find singles that you really connect with, but that’s easy to do if you go through a paid service. You can also make your own profile and use it to search for compatible matches.

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Girls online: 2.2K

Once you have found a few possible matches, then you need to check out the chat rooms. Many free online dating services allow you to place a free online dating profile and have friends that you may know from elsewhere to join the chat. This is better than having no friends at all since you’ll be able to re-immerse yourself and build relationships with others who share similar interests. However, when you do want to start making contact with singles that you have met offline, then you need to send them an email first. Otherwise they won’t have a chance to see your profile until you send them a message.

If you are going to be getting contacted by other people that are part of the free online dating site, then you will need to get spam protection. Many people are under the impression that if they are using the free service that they are safe from getting spam. Unfortunately, the only way to make sure you stay safe from spam is to opt in to the e-mail system on the dating site. Otherwise, anyone who gets sent personal ads or other unwanted emails will know that it’s from a dating site and you will be even more likely to get spam.

Finally, some people prefer to use women dating sites versus men dating sites. It’s interesting because men are actually more likely to get spam than women. This is because men usually sign up with dating sites that are associated with a particular company. So if you are signing up with a dating site that has been established for a while, then you are less likely to be spammed, but it’s always best to read the privacy policy before agreeing to any service.